Industrial Hoses, Hydraulic Fittings and Accessories
Industrial Hoses, Hydraulic Fittings and Accessories
The most intense and demanding product performance challenges are often found with industrial applications. GT's custom assemblies are fabricated by highly-trained professionals under rigorous Quality Assurance conditions. Providing durable and long-lasting hose assemblies with unrivaled customer service provides the peace-of-mind that keeps our customers coming back.
From low-pressure suction and return, to thermoplastic and flame-retardant, to fire suppression and Teflon, GT has your hose, for your requirements. Our inventory includes stainless steel, brass, aluminum and TFE-lined hoses for any application. With couplings ranging from one-piece crimp to field-reusable, we have the right coupling for the job.

Fracking requires extremely specialized hose standards and requirements. CO2, LN2, Acid and Cement Frac all have unique characteristics that require specific materials and fabrication.

Just call us with your specs, and we'll develop and deliver exactly what you need for each and every situation. Because no two are ever the same.

A hose is only as strong as its coupling. And there's only one "right" coupling for every application. From stainless steel, brass, aluminum and TFE-lined alloys to joint, steam, air and other styles, we carry an impressive inventory of couplings - all designed for very specific requirements and applications.
Valves are the "gatekeeper" of your media. AT GT, we've got your valve. Whether it's butterfly, locking, three-way or one of many other types, we'll match your requirements so you can manage your material.
When you need quick-and-easy connection or separation, your coupling is everything. GT offers quick disconnect couplings to keep this task simple and fast, so you're not faced with bleeding, recharging or purging. Meanwhile, reduce or eliminate spills and leaks with our high-quality couplings, each designed for a specific professional application.

Our specialty is stainless steel metal hose fabrication.

For demanding applications where bursting, cracking, and crushing is simply unacceptable, braided stainless steel hose from GT is the only answer.

Our SS hose combines premium quality inner hose material, a specially-selected braid for optimal fit and performance, circular welds to avoid leak paths, and custom end fittings welded with Argon to purge the weld and avoid burn-through (the leading cause of metal hose failure).

Transportation provides its own unique demands. Pressure, reduction, vapor, vacuum and many more factors require each application to have its own specific requirements. So, from asphalt to fuel to food, only one hose will do: the right hose, from GT.

Top Brand Stainless Steel and Brass Hose Adapters with American, British or Metric Threads Available

At GT, when it comes to adapters, we redefined the term "best selection." Nowhere in the region will you find a more extensive inventory. And, if you're talking brass or steel, our inventory is virtually endless. We carry top brands including Fitting Unlimited, Tompkins, Midland Metal Manufacturing, Anderson Metals Corp and O'Brien Brass Company to name a few.

Got an oddball piece you're looking for? Need options in American, British or metric threads? Come and get it, because we've got it!

You expect excellent products and service, and you should receive them. That's why we make it our daily goal to exceed your expectations. Our tubing and hose line includes the finest manufacturers for PVC, Polyurethane, Nylon, Polyethylene and Fluorpolymer. Plus a broad line of Viton, Latex and Silicone tubing. This is you one stop for specialty tubing.
FRL'S, Prep Units, Trio's, Combo Units, whatever your terminology, in any compressed air application these are vital components. It's important to keep your air supply clean and dry, eliminate air waste, extend tool life and increase tool performance. Our line of Wilkerson, Norgren & Watts FRL'S are second to none.
Hose reels should be employed when and where air, water, oil or grease has to be stored whether it be inside or on mobile units. Hose left unstored is vulnerable to many abuses which can greatly reduce hose life. Our custom-designed, heavy-duty Hose Reels with specific requirements for Nitrogen delivery, Oxygen/Acetylene or utilized in harsh environments, such as chemical clean up is just one example of the customers who "turn" to GT for reel specs as demanding as the hoses they retract and store.
Cleaner. Smoother. Safer. Whether it's maintenance and repair, clean-up, or a field emergency, don't run out of the compounds and lubricants that keep you, and your equipment, on the job and out of the junk yard.
In ducting, material transfer is everything. Air. Dust. Pellets. Wood chips. Leaf collection. While one of many important factors to consider, your media will be perhaps the most critical consideration for your specific ducting requirements. For example, GT custom urethane ducting provides added durability against abrasive pellets common in the plastics industry.
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