Braided Versus Spiral Hose: What's the Difference?
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Braided Versus Spiral Hose: What's the Difference?

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Learn the Difference Between Spiral and Braided Hoses From Our Experts

Choosing the right hydraulic hose for your job can be a critical factor in getting work done in a fast and efficient manner. Learn the difference between braided and spiral hoses and see which is right for you when it comes to minimizing down time. 


Braided Hoses

Braided hose

The braiding pattern of a braided hose is made up of one to two tensile steel wires allows for a tighter bend radius and are specially overlapped to help with burst resistance. They are more popular due to its flexibility and ability to withstand more tensile stress. The tighter bend radius of the braided hose is best for jobs in small spaces. Additionally, the flexibility provided by the braided hose pairs best with lower intensive applications, such as engines


Spiral Hoses

Spiral hose

Spiral houses are typically used for high pressure applications, therefore more rigid. It is made up of four to six wires and is helically wrapped and stacked. This composition makes the spiral hose exceptionally strong at the cost of flexibility. This hose works better in spaces with few limitations, as the rigidness makes it harder to bend.


Pick the Right Hose With the Experts

When it comes to minimizing downtime on the job, having the right hose can make or break your efficiency.  When deciding which hose would perform best, here are the basics to remember. Braided hoses are more flexible and can work better in a tighter radius and with lower intensity applications. Spiral hoses are stronger and work best in high pressure and high impulse applications. If you have questions about finding the right hose for the job, contact our hose experts! Give us a call or fill out our contact form. We’re here to help minimize your downtime.  


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