Hydraulic Cylinder Repair in McKinney, Texas
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Hydraulic Cylinder Repair in McKinney, Texas
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Should I Repair or Replace My Hydraulic Cylinder? 

Your hydraulic cylinder is failing, and you’re faced with the question, “Can this hydraulic cylinder be repaired, or will I need to purchase a new one?” Customers regularly have this dilemma when they have a broken hydraulic cylinder. Our hydraulic cylinder professionals at GT Southwest Hose are here to help. 

Ask yourself the following questions when it comes to your hydraulic cylinder: 

  • What would a new cylinder cost compared to repairing the existing one? 
  • Could you benefit from a newer or better cylinder? 
  • What will repairs cost to bring it back to the manufacturer’s specifications? 
  • Do you have a hydraulic cylinder specialist to bring it to? 
  • What will the downtime cost you? 

Commonly, the most cost-effective and reasonable answer is to repair or re-manufacture the cylinder. There are cases where the cylinder needs to be replaced, but it is much more common that the answer is to repair. We will walk you through what it’s like to work with GT Southwest Hose when you need a hydraulic cylinder repaired.  

Inspection of Your Hydraulic Cylinder 

Hydraulic cylinder failure requires thorough inspection to pinpoint the problem. Usual wear and tear can take a toll on your hydraulic cylinder. However, failure is usually caused by bad (or faulty) seals. Seals wear out after time which will cause your hydraulic cylinder to fail. 

We will want to inspect it to see what went wrong and where we can make changes. Replacing the exact same part is not always the answer because sometimes that’s what caused it to fail in the first place. Inspection will give us insight into what went wrong and give us the information we need to solve the problem and keep it from happening again. Our professionals  have been in the industry for over 30 years and are ready to help. Whether you need a complex rebuild or the issue is just a small part, we’ve got the knowledge and products that you need to get you back to work. Choosing a hydraulic cylinder repair specialist is an important task: read our article about the top 3 considerations when choosing a hydraulic cylinder repair specialist.

We will want to check the following areas when it comes to your hydraulic cylinder repair:  

  • Check seals and for leakage - seals, while inexpensive, can often crack, split, or break which can then lead to damage to the long-term life of your hydraulic cylinder. 
  • Alignment and mounting - we will need to check for areas of excessive wear and check if the problem is caused by incorrect alignment or mounting.

GT Southwest Hose Can Get Your Hydraulic Cylinder Working Again 

We’re here to get you up and running again. Whether your hydraulic cylinder needs minimal parts replacements, or you need a full re-build, the experts at GT Southwest Hose in McKinney Texas can help. Contact us online, call, or come on in. We will inspect and diagnose your hydraulic cylinder repair needs, make repairs in house, test, and get you going again ASAP.  

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