Minimize Downtime with 3 Ways to Keep Your Hydraulic Hose Clean
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Minimize Downtime with 3 Ways to Keep Your Hydraulic Hose Clean

3 Best Methods to Clean Your Hydraulic Hose

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No matter what industry you work in, everyone knows how critical it is to keep their hydraulic hose assemblies clean. Clearing away debris and dirt regularly is the best way to make sure your hose and machine function properly and minimize downtime. Here are 3 recommendations to clean your hydraulic hose so you can keep everything running smoothly. 

1. High pressured air

You can use clean and dry high-pressured air to blow out debris and dirt inside your hose. It is important to note this works better on shorter hoses, longer hoses run the risk of having debris still caught within the assembly. 

2. Chemical flush

When using this method, make sure fluids are compatible with the inner tubing of your hydraulic hose. The correct chemicals can be pumped through the hose to flush out lodged contaminants. A chemical flush is an easier method to use for cleaning longer hoses.  

3. Projectiles

This method is one of the most effective ways to clean your hydraulic hose. Using a special bench-top launcher or hand-held launcher, you can shoot a foam substance through the hose to clean away trapped debris. It is important to make sure the foam projectiles get all the way through the hose tubing and nothing is left inside the assembly.  

Keep it Clean with Our Experts

Minimizing downtime can be made easier when you regularly clean your hydraulic hose assemblies. Each of the three listed methods are a great way to remove debris or dirt from your application depending on the length of your hose. If you have questions about maintaining your hose, contact our experts today!  


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