Quick Disconnects: What Are They and How They Keep You Safe
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Quick Disconnects: What Are They and How They Keep You Safe
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Quick Disconnect Couplings

Learn how Quick Disconnects make Hydraulic Hoses safer with GT Southwest Hose 

At GT Southwest Hose, we know how important it is to have a reliable hydraulic hose. We also know the importance of having top grade accessories that allow the hose to execute the job in a reliable and safe manner. Quick Disconnect couplings are one of the many important accessories designed to make your job easier and safer when it comes to hydraulic applications.

As the name says, quick disconnects are designed to attach and detach from hydraulic hoses and fluid lines seamlessly and without the use of tools. There are various types of quick disconnect couplings to fit the numerous jobs needed for hydraulic hoses, fluid lines, and more. Some that GT carries include:

  • AG Series Agricultural 
  • HT Series Flat Face
  • PD Series Diagnostic Test
  • W Series Dump Trailer/Wet Kit
  • T Series High Pressure
  • E Series Pressure Wash

How They Keep You Safe

Typically, these quick disconnect couplings feature a plug that is locked into a socket to create a secure seal to prevent leaking. This tight seal is critical in preventing accidental disconnection. This is especially important when it comes to preserving safety of hoses, equipment, and people when high pressure hydraulic applications are in use. 

Contact Us

We want to make sure your hose assemblies are as safe and efficient as possible. This means having the correct quick disconnect for the job, and we at GT Southwest are here to help. If you have questions about finding the correct coupling for a hose or finding a replacement, contact us today!

Article Categories: Catalog, Products
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