Hydraulic Hose Repair and Replacement Services in Dallas, TX
Hydraulic Hose Repair and Replacement Services in Dallas, TX

Your leading expert for hydraulic hose repair and replacement for over 50 years.

Our expert engineers have the experience and resources to custom fabricate nearly any industrial and hydraulic hose assembly. Additionally, we offer custom stainless-steel metal hose fabrication services. Our mission is 'your hose, your way' therefore we take the time to understand your application needs. 


When a hose needs repair due to rupture, abrasion or any other damage, our initial inspection includes all aspects of the STAMPED process. Hose application requirements are confirmed. Hose specifications such as size, temperature, media, and pressure and determined. Once the damaged part of the hose is removed or the hose is replaced, the appropriate ends are either crimped or welded on. All repair services are performed by certified, in-house NAHAD/ HSI experts to maintain our standards for top precision and quality. After final testing and inspecting, the hose is ready to be returned, often in a faster turnaround time than our competitors.

Experience the GT Southwest Hose quality and speed of service. Contact us today for your hydraulic hose repair and replacement needs and talk to our certified hose experts.

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